Format Of The Wedding Video

When wedding videos first began to become more popular, they were always supplied on vhs tape. It was after all the only format that a person could transfer film to, in order to watch it at home.


But then came the DVD disk and suddenly the vhs tape was obsolete. The DVD Disk had so many advantages over the vhs tape. These were:


1, Better picture and sound quality.

2, No continuous degradation from playing.

3, Menu, allowing you to select specific scenes.

4, Chapters, allowing you to quickly skip scenes.


It was therefore no surprise that video tape faded away.


Then came the blue ray disk, which was essentially a DVD, but because it had more space, you could put a video on, in full high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels).


Lately, more people have been downloading and streaming films, and as a result of that more couples have asked for their wedding video on a high speed USB stick.


The great advantage of the high speed USB stick, is that you have the digital file that can be shared with others easily, and is also future proof. This is important because, no body knows how the physical disk will be around.


We always make our wedding films television compatible, so that a couple can just plug their USB stick into their television and watch it play.


In conclusion, the world of media production continues to change and adapt in many ways. It is therefore important that we, and our customers continue to change and adapt with it.





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