Which Wedding Video Package Is Best For You

Once you decide to get a wedding video, you must choose the appropriate package for your self. In essence, the main differences between packages are:


1, Length of coverage.


2, Number of cameras.


We essentially do two lengths of coverage. Our bronze package covers from bridal prep to end of the speeches, and all of our other packages cover from bridal prep till the end of the first dance.


Deciding on the length of coverage is fairly easy, because a bride and groom will know whether they want their first dance on their wedding video. A much harder decision is deciding how many cameras, and how many camera operators, because if you know little about video production, then it will be hard to understand the advantages that extra cameras bring.


Extra cameras allow the editor to cut between different points of view, and in doing so make a wedding video more like what you would see on a feature film or television drama. It is also worth noting that the extra camera allows the editor to cut away, if some thing terrible happened, like some one standing in front of the camera or some one knocking the camera.


With these advantages identified, it would seem that it would be a no brainer, when making this decision, but it is not because:


1, Cost

2, Intrusion


1, Cost obviously is a factor because people are not made of money, and most weddings have to make savings somewhere. If you simply do not have the money, then you will have to reduce your package, in order to fit everything that you want at your wedding, into your budget.


Intrusion is also a factor because, some people feel more under pressure when there are lots of cameras. This can  have a big effect on the speeches, because the speeches are the element of the day that makes people the most nervous.


In conclusion, it is a massive decision when deciding which package to have for your wedding video, but it is a personal choice, so it is important to weigh all the factors together, in order to pick the best package for you.





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