The Working Relationship Of The Videographer And The Photographer



The photographer and the videographer may have a chat to see who should get the prime positions. They are both just are trying to do the best work they can for the wedding couple.


The photographer should get priory, as he is almost the organiser as he organises the guests and gets them to where he needs them to be for his photographs.


When shooting the ceremony, the wedding videographer's ideal position is to be facing the bride in a diagonal line. This gives the videographer a sight to see all of the bride's face and most of the groom's face. This is also the best line for the photographer, therefore they usually end up shooting next to each other.


During the group shots and the posed romantic shots, the photographer has to organise everyone so he should get priority. The videographer should therefore be right next to him. That way he will not get in the photographers shot.


At the point where speeches are taking place, the videographer is unable to move, so  the photographer should work around the videographer. When the photographer needs to get past, he should know that the videographer is recording constantly and as a result needs the photographer to keep out of the way.


During the first dance, the photographer should move around the back of the videographer, so that he does not block the video camera. If the videographer is right against the wall, then the photographer has no choice but to get in the shot as he moves to get great shots of the bride and groom as they dance. The videographer must therefore allow enough room for the photographer to get round the back of him.


In summary, it is all about being respectful of each other and drawing up on experience to work together. If both the photographer and videographer start the day respecting each others needs there should not be a problem and they should work together just fine.




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