If You Have Pick One Or The Other


If a bride and groom are running short of money and therefore have to pick either a photographer or a videographer, then which do they pick?


The answer is that it depends on the personal nature of the bride and groom and the features of their wedding.


Some examples of this are listed and explained below:


1, Do the couple prefer the art form of video or photography? Some people have a particular like or dislike to one or the other. If they do then this will make a big difference when making their decision.


2, Features of the wedding also make a massive difference in this decision. For example, if you have a magician at your wedding, you are much more likely to want a videographer at your wedding, because photographs do not do magic tricks justice.


3, Will one or the other be allowed into the ceremony. Some churches do not allow one or the other into the ceremony. Photographers are often not allowed because the priest considers the clicking noise from a photography camera to be distracting, where as video does not make such a noise and therefore will be allowed.


Some priest do not allow a photographer or videographer into the church but will have no problem with an un manned video being present. Because of this the bride and groom will sway towards hiring a wedding videographer because he can at least get something of the ceremony recorded, even if it will not be as good as if the videogarpher was there controlling the camera.


4, Can they get one of these keep sakes produced for free? The couple may have a friend who can do one of these art forms and therefore as such can provide it to them for free. If they can get one for free, then it makes sense to pay for the other and therefore have both.


These are just some of the influences that help a bride and groom make their decision. There are obviously many other factors that come into play, but these are the main ones that we have noticed in our time doing wedding videos.




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