What To Spend Money On At Your Wedding


Most couples have limited resources when it comes to funding their wedding. This means that hard decisions have to be made and this can be very stressful. As wedding videographers we often find that we are the last thing to get booked. That is because there are other things that simply have to be paid for like the rings.


I hear a lot of couples say that they wish they could have had something or other at their wedding, and it always seems sad that some one has not had what they want at their special day.


Often couples will change wedding venue, because the main bulk of the cost comes from the venue and the food that is served during the day. A couple may have their heart set on a ancient hall or castle, but then find out that the food is at least fifty pounds per head, and because they have a lot of guests, their budget is almost already spent. By switching to a small hotel or pub, they are able to half that cost and save themselves many thousands of pounds.


Its all depends what the couple really want the most. For example:


1, A wedding at an amazing hall, but no professional photographer, no professional videographer, less flowers, no band, no entertainment for the children etc.


2, A wedding at function room of a pub (which can be decorated to look just as nice), with the professional photographer, professional videographer and the band.


Sometimes the bank of mum and dad can help, but most of the time it comes down to what the couple feel is the most important to them. Its a hard choice, and sometimes the bride and groom have completely different priorities. The hard thing is making a decision that both feel happy with, and this can be a challenge.


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