Is A Wedding Video Really Necessary

A lot of couples ask the question, is a wedding video really necessary? It is an important question because years ago, no body had a wedding videographer, they just had a photographer. Here we will discuss many of the factors that effect whether or not a couple decide to get wedding video.


1, Cost is obviously an important factor, because a wedding video can be expensive and this may mean that the couple have to cut corners else where. The couple will have to think hard in such a situation and decide, whether having a video is more important, than a few extra flowers or a few extra drinks.


2, Intrusion, is also a factor, because some couples feel that having strangers at their wedding makes them feel a little uncomfortable.


3, Wedding videos that they have seen in the past also effect this decision. This is because if a bride has seen a lot of very good wedding videos, then she will be a lot more likely to want one her self. Obviously, if they are have seen a friend's wedding video and it is terrible, then they are hardly going to want one for them selves.


4, Sentimentality is also a massive factor. For very sentimental people the more of a visual aid to remember their special day the better. Where as those who are not so sentimental, they will not feel the need to ensure that they can remember every aspect of their special day.


These are the main factors that we find, effect the decision as whether or not some one gets a wedding video. It is a massive personal decision, because if they do not, they may end up regretting it, for the rest of their lives.




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