Interesting Ways To Propose

When thinking of original ways to propose it can be difficult because we all think we have heard or seen them before. From our experience as wedding videographers, here are some of the most original ones we have heard of:


1, Book theme. If your bride likes a particular book. You could buy a copy and then tell them it is a special edition of the book. Inside cut out a love heart shape in the pages and place the ring inside. When they open the book they will find the ring.


2, Love notes. Leave a string of love notes around the house. Each love note says something you love about the other, and also tells them where to find the next note. The final note will tell them that they have a gift hiding somewhere and off course when they find it, it will be the wedding ring.


3, Film theme. If your bride likes a particular film, then you could re create the proposal from that film. It will show that you have obviously put a lot of thought into it.


4, Cinema advert. Some cinemas, in particular independent cinemas have advertising space to hire. Prepare a short video proposal and take your loved one to the cinema. That will certainly surprise them.


5, Bucket list. If there is something that she has always wanted to do, like climb a mountain or ride on a hot air balloon. Then arrange it for the two of you, and then propose mid way through. The bride will be feeling so romantic that you have arranged it for her, that when you suddenly propose, she will be swept away.


6, Hidden in flowers. Get your bride an amazing set of flowers and attached to the flowers there will be an envelope with a proposal card, with a ring attached.


7, Family/friends efforts. There is nothing like a public proposal to get the heart racing, so why not involve all her closest family and friends. Take your bride out and when she gets round the corner, all of her closest family and friends, will be holding giant letter cards, that will read "will you marry me?


8, Recreate your first date or first place or activity of where you first met. This is a simple idea but is also very romantic because it shows that you remember and that it is special to you.


There are many other ways to propose, but these are the ones that we always remember. Off course, being extravagant is not for everyone, but it certainly shows you have put a lot of thought and effort into it for the other person, which is what romance is all about.


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