Pre Wedding Jitters


A lot of people get pre wedding jitters, as their wedding approaches. Pre wedding jitters are the common expression for the feeling of nervousness of anxiety about your impending wedding. It is a horrible feeling, not least because such feelings are unpleasant emotions, but because the feeling is centred around what should be the best day of your life. This can cause serious distress and confusion with many people, so it is important to understand why you are feeling these feelings, so that you can rectify them in your mind, or make a decision either way. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons behind this, and hopefully it will help you come to the correct conclusions.


1, Perfect wedding day pressure. For most women they have fanaticised about their perfect wedding since they were little girls. Because of this, the self imposed pressure to have it all be perfect is over whelming. This is a totally normal human emotion. It is only human nature to have a sense of nervousness, or even anxiety about something that is so important to you. We all at times worry about loved ones, our jobs, our friends etc.


2, Wife or husband pressure. Many people have dreamed of becoming a wife or husband for most of their life. Suddenly, as the wedding approaches, they are at the precipice of becoming a husband or wife, and they suddenly start to doubt, whether they have what it takes.


This is also a normal human emotion. People often fantasise about becoming or doing a certain thing, only to find that as it gets close, suddenly they fear, they do not have the goods to see it through. That is only a sign of how important it is to you, not a sign that you no longer want to do it. It is important that you think through your emotions clearly, so that you can identify which it is. It is very easy to get these emotions mixed up, and start to think that you no longer want what you have been dreaming of for so long.


3, Is this the right person. It is very easy to get excited, and agree to marry someone, especially if it is something you have always wanted to do. Because marriage is for ever, or at least it should be, as it gets close, many people begin to search their sole, in order to figure out if it, or the person they are about to marry, is really right for them.


It is a massive permanent change in life, that you are bound to want to seriously think this through. How ever, it may be more than just caution. It may be that the person you are about to marry, is ok, but not some one you would really like to spend the rest of your life together. This must be thought through properly, and if need be you should discuss this with close friends that you can trust.


4, Money. A wedding is expensive. For this reason, as the wedding approaches and suddenly the venue, the photographer, the cake maker, now all want you to complete payment, you are suddenly asking yourself if it is all worth it. It is normal to question and analyse the decision to spend a huge some of money. The price of a wedding can cause a lot of anxiety. You may start to think of all the things you could do with that money, or the debt that you are going to be in after the wedding. It is right that you think this way, because it is only responsible, but if it is going to cause you financial stress, then maybe it is not the right thing to do. A lot of couples break up , because of money issues, so ask yourself, if this is really going to improve your relationship.


In summary, there are many reasons to cause pre wedding jitters. Some reasons, if thought through, may lead to you coming to the conclusion, that you should not get married. Some how ever are just the side effects of genuine human emotions. It is important that you think these through, and decide which ones are causing your jitters, and act accordingly.


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