Is Music Essential For A Wedding Video

To this day, I have never seen or edited a wedding video with out music on it. So I would say that music is essential for a wedding video.


The truth is that it would be essentially impossible to not have music on a wedding video, because as you record the live events of the day, there is always music being played at the wedding, at some point.


I have never seen a ceremony that does not have music, and a first dance with out music would be something completely ridiculous.


But there are essentially two types of music present on a wedding video:


1, Incidental music, is music that is played through out the day, like that played during the ceremony or first dance.


2, Dubbed music, is music that is added to the wedding video in post production.


So while we do have to have incidental music on a wedding video, we do not necessarily have to have dubbed music on a wedding video. It would how ever strongly impact the watch ability of a wedding video, if the montage elements of it, did not have music dubbed over.



If you are a bride or groom, and there is a particular piece of music that you want on your wedding video, then you should contact your videographer, and request that music



In summary, music is essential to a wedding video because it would be virtually impossible to avoid music creeping onto a wedding video, but also because music massively increases the enjoy ability of a wedding video.





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