Maid Of Honour


The maid of honour is supposed to be there to help with all manner of things to do with the wedding. The truth is that most do not live up to particularly high expectations. Many simply do not realise what their responsibilities are, and some just get too carried away having a good time, that they forget what their responsibilities are.


Here are some of the responsibilities that are often associated with being maid of honour:


1, Planning. The maid of honour should help with the planning of the wedding. She is there to listen and advise. If you are finding the planning over whelming, then she should help by taking some of the load. For example she may need help looking for wedding videographers. The maid of honour should get on the phone, and get some quotes for you, to save you vital time.


2, Formalities. She should be on hand to help with time consuming activities, like writing guest invites. You could always do this over a glass of wine to make it fun.


3, Hen party. The maid of honour is supposed to plan the hen party. That is one of her most important jobs. She should decide where it will take place and organise everyone's flights, transfers and hotel accommodation and activities at the location.


4, Getting dressed. She should be on hand to help you get dressed. It is the Maid of honour that should be tying up the back of your dress. She should also check you over before you walk down the isle.


5, Keep dress clean. Being white, wedding dresses always get dirty at the bottom. The maid of honour should minimise this as much as possible by carrying the back of the dress where she can.


6, Problem fixer. Sometimes things go wrong at a wedding, and these things can upset the bride. The maid of honour should be a buffer against these things and should be ready to spare the bride any upset by stepping in at these moments.


Unfortunately as mentioned above, a lot of maid of honours do not understand their role and responsibilities and therefore come up short. I believe they should, but it may be worth the bride's time explaining to the maid of honour, what she expects from her. That way they can not be any miss understanding.


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