To Throw Or Not To Throw


It used to be an essential, that the bride would throw her bouquet. The tradition and the mystic, is that who ever catches the bouquet, is the next person to get married. If you believe in superstition, then this can be a powerful thought, if you do not, then it is a load of old nonsense.


I have noticed that less and less brides are throwing their bouquet, and as a result this interesting and fun tradition is dieing out. This is a shame, because this is not only a very fun part of the wedding day, but is also a great photo and video opportunity. There are many reasons why this tradition is fading away from the wedding day.


1, Keeping the bouquet. It is the tradition in many people's eyes, that the person who catches the bouquet, can keep the bouquet. This is a problem with many brides, because they want to keep their bouquet.


There are many reasons that a bride may want to keep their bouquet. One reason is that they want to put it on the grave of some one that is dead, and therefore can not make it to the wedding. It is usually the grand parents that this is for, and it is a very nice gesture indeed, so it is understandable that a bride would want to do this.


2, Safety. Over the years, the bouquet has gotten bigger and bigger. As it has become bigger, it has increased in weight, due to the extra amount of flowers and mainly the fixings that keep the bouquet together.


Some bouquets are as heavy as bricks, and as a result would be simply dangerous to throw. Imagine if the bouquet hit a small child, and it resulted in serious injury. This would obviously put a massive downer on the wedding day, and as such is not worth the risk.


3, Time. It may seem like a quick thing to throw the bouquet, but infact, it takes a good fifteen minutes at least, for the photographer to get all the non married ladies together. Get them arranged nicely, and get everyone briefed on how the throw is going to be timed and executed. It is often the case that the wedding day gets behind schedule, and therefore it is sometimes a rush to get all the photographs done. Because the bouquet throw takes more time than other photograph to organise, it is usually last on the list, and therefore gets dropped, if time is running out.


4, Keeping intact. Even if the bride is expecting to get their bouquet back after throwing, the bouquet often falls apart on catching. This can often be distressing for a bride, as she wants everything to be perfect.


Given all the reasons above, it is understandable why some brides do not throw their bouquet. There is how ever, the option to throw a brides maid's bouquet, or get an extra bouquet made especially for the throw. Obviously, getting the extra bouquet made, is a budget issue and therefore depends on funds.


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